1-50 Images

$0.55 Per Image


  • Very Simple $0.55
  • Simple $1.05
  • Medium $1.79
  • Compound $3.39
  • Complex $4.39
  • Super Complex $6.09

51-100 Images

$0.39 Per Image


  • Very Simple $0.39
  • Simple $0.79
  • Medium $1.49
  • Compound $3.19
  • Complex $3.99
  • Super Complex $5.59

101-250 Images

$0.29 Per Image


  • Very Simple $0.29
  • Simple $0.59
  • Medium $1.09
  • Compound $2.59
  • Complex $3.29
  • Super Complex $4.79

250+ Images

Discount Rate


Get a volume discount if you
have a large number of images.

For all corporate clients, we offer the advantage of a risk-free trial, with payment due once you’re fully satisfied with your images.

People often think they require a photo editing studio of their own in order to cope with the number of images they require to edit. Imagine the cost of such a studio! There’s no requirement, of course, because you are welcome to Clipping Hand, where all your image editing requirements are met proficiently and with the highest quality results. Test us, you won’t be in any jeopardy because we offer a money-back surety.


  • Photo editing you can afford if you are searching for a clipping path service our prices start at $0.29 USD per image. That is only £0.18 GBP or €0.22 EUR. Send us a large order and the prices will drop even cheap.
  • Have you need some image processing different from clipping paths? Send us a request with all the details concept and you will get a quote within a half-hour. You can then take a step if you go ahead with the job, with no more compromise attached.
  • Get the best deal all time: if you find a similar service at a lower price, let us inform and we’ll beat it or match it.
  • Get all the offers in a day or night of 24 hours available team of graphic designers without the fuss and the pricing.
  • Straightforward communication: We will always be within reach, no affair where in the world you are or what time you need us, there will always be someone waiting for you. Go forward, get a quote in half-hour.
  • Clipping path, retouching, Photoshop masking, drop shadow, raster to vector, and many other image manipulation services at the reach of a click.


With Clipping Hand you get all the benefits:


  • Different options to pay. Choose any one option that is best for you:
    • Paypal
    • MasterCard
    • VisaCard
    • Bank Transfer

We offer weekly and monthly payment options. If you need much image manipulation jobs done during the month, you may be worthy of our rolling accounts:

  • Get a personal online account.
  • Pay by weekly or monthly.
  • Manage your account, check bills, and pay at your benefit whenever and wherever it litigation you.

How can we make business comfortable for you?