It is important to manage your tasks efficiently whenever you are using our service often. This is to assist you to:

  • Maintain organized files and folders
  • Recognize a job fast
  • Categories invoices using simple references Identifying your jobs.


As soon as you give us a new job, please visit the upload-download section through any of the available options. Then use the directions described below in order to give your job an appropriate name:

  • Create a folder and call it something like “08-04-15_Batch-01_ClippingPath_YourReference” (this is an example, see below for further descriptions).
  • Create a second folder within the first one and call it “To Do“.
  • Upload files/folders into the To Do


Clarification for every section of job name:


  • Date: Use the date that you placed the order, 08-04-15 is simply an example, but ensure that you stick to the day-month-year date format.
  • Batch number: Use a different batch number for every job, from Batch-01, then Batch-02, Batch-03, and so on.
  • Service necessary: We recommend that you write which service is being provided to you; Clipping Path is simply an example. You may need DropShadow, Masking, Manipulation, or Retouching. If you need several different services, then call the folder “Multiple Services”. Clearly you will give details about your requirements when filling the order form.
  • Your reference (non-compulsory): In case there is an alternative reference that you feel must be used in the job name, you may use it.


As soon as we have finished and returned your job, we shall upload it into a folder named “Completed” within the proper job folder.

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