We Make it easy for you when you are looking for an image masking service online.  Creating a selection of objects that have rough edges can create results which are less than perfect. Our aim at Clipping Hand is to ensure that every image you will send us is finished to the high standards. For example, we provide an image masking service for an image that is not suitable for a standard clipping path. Delivering great results to clients who expect nothing imperfect.

Our elevated trained graphic designer appliance the latest Photoshop masking techniques to remove backgrounds from images such as hair or the foliage on trees, resulting in clear and soft edges that look consistently professional. Even if the image you expected to use is set against the most detailed background of dark or gradient colors, we can individual it from the foreground image while maintaining high quality and excellent level of detail.

Irrespective of the level of outline perplexity, our expert graphics operatives can overcome all problems to deliver the highest quality. We pride of our graphics expert team on adapting our path to the task at hand. Without any doubt, continuing to apply generic techniques to a photo careless of what it is. Each of our skilled team members has a particular area of expertise and continues to hold on to build on that skills basis to ensure they are a master of their craft. As such, you can rest secure that your image masking needs will be faced by a completely professional with the highest level of experience nonpareil within the offshore graphic studio world.

Our dedicated team are working closely with our clients. We strive to ensure that the end result is the best possible photo for the context in which it will be applied. Manually masking images is a skilled, thorough and labour intensive process – but is certainly worth the effort it requires. Now, companies can turn to Clipping Hand as effortlessly as though they had their own in-house design studio right in their offices. We have been offering handmade image masking services for many years and understand the complexities involved.

Moreover, we realize that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link and so even the tiniest error made whilst applying a Photoshop masking technique will ruin the entire effect. The work of each skilled operative is checked via an appropriate quality control process to ensure that we get it right & first time, always.


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