Here at Clipping Hand, we appreciate our clients very much and try to keep them satisfied. In fact, we offer a 100% money back guarantee just to show you how much we value our customers. We offer to return your money if you are not satisfied with our work. The terms and conditions we have are simple and easy to understand, so take some time to go over them.

Money Back Guarantee

Key Information


How do I qualify for a refund?

When we send you your images and you are not satisfied with the quality of the outcome with respect to your brief, then you may opt for a refund. Look at the table below to determine how the criteria affect your eligibility for a refund:


Money Back Status

All the edited images fail to conform to the client’s requirement.The client can request a refund.
It is determined that the clients brief was vaguer or inaccurate or was misguided and open to misunderstanding.No Money Back Guarantee given. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is applied as soon as the right, a clear brief is given and understood.
The client asks for Correction by giving feedback.Money Back Guarantee is not valid. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is applicable only when work is completed.
No action was taken for 30 days.Money Back Guarantee offer becomes null and void.
Delivery is late or delayed.Money Back Guarantee is not applied if there is a delay of 2 working days: this is calculated from the time when finalizing of the order was due. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee becomes valid.


How come Money Back Guarantee is not applicable to the late delivery of jobs?

At Clipping Hand, we serve a couple of hundred clients at any given time. Though every client is treated equally, it is not possible to serve everyone at the same time. Under such circumstances, there may be a little delay in sending you your photos. Our personnel are hard working and motivated enough to handle the large flow of work, but we request our clients to please recognize this when placing an order.

On the other hand, there are special circumstances where we can give clients a discount in case of late delivery. Every case is judged separately, depending on the specific situation.


What is the processing time for a refund?

Processing a refund takes a maximum of 21 working days.


Why does Clipping Hand offer a Money Back Guarantee?

We are very assured in our abilities and in delivering according to the high degree of customer satisfaction, and it is rarely required to offer a refund. Nevertheless, in the implausible event that we fall short of expectations, our guarantee gives you total comfort from the beginning.


Good faith

The Money Back Guarantee is founded on good faith with regards to human skills; our values are integrity, shared collaboration and productive criticism. We look forward to our clientele showing a reasonable, moral and non-abusive manner.


NB: clients asking for a refund are firmly prohibited from using the edited images that we send. Please erase all files/images that we have edited and sent to you.